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» Only 13 percent of municipalities are supposed to accept evacuees by nuclear disaster

Only 13 percent of municipalities around Japan that are supposed to accept evacuees in the event of a nuclear disaster have concrete plans in place for such a situation, a survey by the Mainichi Shimbun has found.

This is much lower than the around 60 percent of municipalities within 30 kilometers of nuclear plants that have plans in place for emergency evacuation of their residents.

The survey was conducted in June and July on 362 municipal governments that are specified in the evacuation plans of municipalities around 16 nuclear plants in Japan as locations for their residents to evacuate. Survey responses were received from 333 of the municipalities.

Only 47 of the municipalities responded that they had established plans for taking on the evacuees. 93 said they were in the process of making such procedures, but 179 said they have not and are not making such plans. Many municipalities blamed the delay on the time required to work things out with the prefectural and other municipal governments, but one municipality, Kamo in Niigata Prefecture, complained, “It would be almost impossible to accept a number of evacuees equivalent to 43 percent of our population.


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Municipalities not prepared to accept nuclear evacuees (Mainichi Newspaper)

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