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» Gov’t offer 201 billion yen in exchange for storage of contaminated soil

The government offered 301 billion yen in subsidies over the next 30 years to local authorities in Fukushima Prefecture in exchange for storage of contaminated soil accumulating from radiation cleanup work following the 2011 nuclear disaster.

As its unofficial proposal in July to provide around 100 billion yen was dismissed by Fukushima authorities, the central government has decided to triple the amount in a bid to secure consent for the building of facilities for the storage that it envisions will end within 30 years.

Including existing subsidies, the total amount is expected to exceed 500 billion yen.

The facilities, which are planned on about 16 square kilometers of land in Okuma and Futaba, are expected to have storage capacity for 30 million tons of soil and other radioactive waste, such as ash and sludge, collected during decontamination work in the prefecture.

The central government has said the waste will eventually be moved out of Fukushima but has yet to find permanent disposal sites in other parts of Japan.
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