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» Residents living near Sendai nuclear plant received iodine tablets

Local authorities in Kagoshima Prefecture started handing out iodine tablets to residents living within 5 km of the Sendai nuclear power plant, which may be restarted in the fall.

It is the first time iodine tablets have been distributed under guidelines instituted by the Nuclear Regulation Authority. Iodine tablets help people protect their thyroid glands from radiation.

The move by the Kagoshima prefectural and Satsumasendai municipal governments came after Kyushu Electric Power Co.’s Sendai plant cleared a key safety hurdle for restarting operations earlier this month.

About 2,700 of the roughly 4,700 residents over 3 who live within the 5-km radius were given a supply of tablets after hearing an official briefing, submitting medical interview sheets and receiving the green light from doctors, according to prefectural officials.
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Kagoshima residents near Sendai nuclear plant given iodine tablets (Japan Times)

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