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» Gov’t gave up plan to purchace all land needed for nuclear waste storage

Cabinet ministers conveyed to Fukushima officials that the government has dropped its plan to purchase all the land needed for facilities to store contaminated soil from radiation cleanup activities within Fukushima Prefecture.

In seeking local acceptance for construction of storage facilities in the seaside towns of Okuma and Futaba, where the Fukushima no.1 nuclear power plant is located, the government instead plans to lease land from owners agreeable to that arrangement.
The central government had initially planned to buy all the land needed for the facilities. But that idea was abandoned after some landowners expressed concern that the facilities, which the government says will hold contaminated waste for up to 30 years, could end up being permanent if the land were owned by the state.
Some landowners also said they did not want to sell land their families have owned for generations.

Under the new plan, those willing to lease land would retain ownership, but the central government would secure the right to use the land for 30 years.


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