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» Gov adjust decontamination near Fukushia No.1 by changing how to select land to scrub

The government will adjust decontamination operations near the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant by changing how it selects land to scrub.

The goal is to limit individual radiation exposure for residents to 1 millisievert. While decontamination work currently places priority on exposure estimates based on atmospheric radiation readings, that will soon be changed to factor in readings from residents’ portable dosimeters.

The change came after a meeting between the Environment Ministry and representatives of four cities in the prefecture. Many residents and experts demanded that greater emphasis be placed on dosimeter readings.

They said the readings on their individual dosimeters are often lower than 1 millisievert, even though the corresponding atmospheric radiation readings in their area were higher.
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Dosimeter readings to guide radiation cleanup (Japan Times)

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