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» Gov’t may relax the requirements to convert agricultural land near Fukushima No.1

The government is looking to relax the requirements to convert agricultural land in areas near the Fukushima No. 1 Nuclear Power Plant that are designated as evacuation zones to non-farming purposes to promote construction of renewable energy generators on abandoned farms in the areas.

The move aims at tackling issues surrounding farmland use in 10 municipalities in Fukushima Prefecture, including the towns of Namie and Futaba, which are under evacuation orders. Agricultural land goes to waste when left abandoned, and farmers in these areas may avoid raising crops in fear of harmful rumors even after evacuation orders are lifted.

Farmland use is strictly regulated under the Agricultural Land Act, except in urban areas. In special zones for disaster recovery, however, converting farmland into non-agricultural uses is allowed as an exception if municipal governments establish restoration plans for local disaster recovery.
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Gov’t looks to deregulate farmland use in Fukushima for renewable energy development (Mainichi Newspaper)


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