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» TEPCO now able to measure the temperature and level of water in the No.2 reactor container

TEPCO said it is now able to properly measure the temperature and level of water used as a coolant inside the container of the No. 2 reactor that suffered a meltdown, after a robot successfully inserted new equipment inside.

As of last week, the water level was around 30 centimeters from the bottom of the reactor’s primary container vessel and the temperature of the water was about 35 C, which indicates that melted fuel is being cooled, according to Tokyo Electric Power Co.

TEPCO had tried to insert equipment in an attempt to gauge the water level and temperature inside the vessel in the past, but the equipment became stuck in grating and did not work properly.
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TEPCO confirms water level of Fukushima No. 2 reactor container (Mainichi Newpspaper)

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