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» TEPCO began construction of a huge underground ice wall

TEPCO began construction on June 2nd of a huge underground ice wall around four reactor buildings, it is said a key measure to tackle the toxic water buildup at the complex.

Under the government-funded project, 1,550 pipes will be inserted deep into the ground to circulate coolant and freeze the nearby soil. The measure is aimed at preventing groundwater from seeping into the buildings and mixing with heavily contaminated water.TEPCO’s plan is to to finish constructing by the end of March 2015.

People in the fisheries industry in Fukushima Prefecture, who have been plagued with problems caused by contaminated water, are keeping a wary eye on the ambitious project, saying something like: “We can’t tell if it will be truly effective until it is completed” and “We can do nothing but pray that it will not move in a worse direction.”
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Construction of underground ice wall begins at Fukushima nuke plant under wary eyes (Mainichi Newspaper)

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