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» Sendai plant safty check-up lacking imformation for the assessment

The Nuclear Regulation Authority said that Kyushu Electric Power Co. has not provided enough information in a document outlining safety measures for two reactors the utility wants to restart.

Reactors 1 and 2 at the Sendai plant in Kagoshima Prefecture are seen as the closest to restarting of the nation’s 48 idled commercial reactors, because the NRA has decided to prioritize the checkup process for the two units.

But at a meeting of NRA commissioners, an official reported that “some information needed for the assessment appears to be lacking” from the 7,200-page document submitted by Kyushu Electric.

“We are still examining the document in detail . . . prospects will also be affected by the utility’s response,” a NRA official said.
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NRA raps Sendai plant for lack of safety info (Japan Times)

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