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» Former prime ministers established new organization to promote renewable energy

Former prime ministers Junichiro Koizumi and Morihiro Hosokawa established a new entity to promote renewable energy as part of a joint antinuclear campaign that previously led Hosokawa to run in the Tokyo gubernatorial election last February.

“I may be called ‘history,’ but I will work hard to create a nuclear-free country for our future generation,” Koizumi, a charismatic former leader who became an antinuclear advocate after the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster, told a gathering to mark the launch of the Japan Assembly for Nuclear Free Renewable Energy.

But prospects are unclear for how far the move will stir antinuclear sentiment, especially after Hosokawa suffered a stinging defeat in the Tokyo election despite the backing of Koizumi. They say that they have no intention to directly support antinuclear candidates during political campaigns.
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Koizumi, Hosokawa to stay out of politics in anti-nuclear crusade (Asahi Newspaper)

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