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» Radioactive water is a major challenge in Fukushiam No.1 three years after 3.11

Since three years has been past since the Great East Japan Earthquake, struggling to tackle the buildup of highly radioactive water that is proving to be a major challenge in the decommissioning process.

Just weeks before the anniversary, TEPCO’s senior officials were again apologizing for a series of troubles, including the leak of 100 tons of highly toxic water from one of the huge tanks set up at the site.

The direct cause of the incident was wrong valve operation, which caused contaminated water to flow into a tank that was nearly full. But what was more disturbing was how workers had overlooked signs that something was wrong. The incident triggered renewed concerns over TEPCO’s ability to oversee the ongoing cleanup.
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TEPCO walks tightrope over toxic water buildup 3 years after crisis (Mainichi Newspaper)

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