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» [Three year after 3.11]Frustration and distrust of Gov and TEPCO remain high

83 percent of residents in Fukushima Prefecture are disappointed with the handling of radioactive water leaks at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant, while 62 percent feel let down by decontamination efforts, according to telephone survey on Fukushima Prefecture residents conducted jointly by The Asahi newspaper and Fukushima Broadcasting Co. on March 1-2 ahead of the third anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami.

The survey received valid responses from 1,000 eligible voters in Fukushima Prefecture, or 54 percent of those contacted.

The following is the figures according to the survey.

-Memories of the nuclear accident in nation wide
77 percent: memories of the nuclear accident have been fading
19 percent:, concerns of the nuclear accident remain high
-The measures by the government to deal with the nuclear accident
11 percent: Giving words of praise for the central government’s overall measures (down from 17 percent in an Asahi Shimbun survey taken in March 2013)
73 percent: Disappointed with the government’s handling of the disaster

-The responses of the centeral government and TEPCO to the continuing leaks of radioactive water
8 percent: Giving words of praise for the measures
83 percent: Dissapointed greatly by the efforts.

-Effort of decontamination work
36 percent: Showing high or moderate approval
62 percent: Dissapointed by the work of decontamination

-Reducing annual radiation dose levels to 1 mSv in residentianl areas
63 percent: Believe that the governent shold try to reach this target as soon as possibe
27 percent: There is no need to rush work related to the safety of living environments.
-Plan to store radioactive debris collected through decontamination work and these wastes will be transferred out of Fukushima Prefecture within 30 years.
9 percent:fully or sume what believe the promis to be kept by the government.
87 percent: Partly or absolutely believe the promis to be broken.

-prefecture’s path for disaster recovery has been cleared
17 percent: said they do to a full or certain extent
82 percent: said they fully or partially disagree.
(2013: 18 percent of respondents were positive while 80 percent were negative when asked that question)

-2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo
12 percent: Olympics will bolster Fukushima’s recovery.
77 percent: The preparations for Olympics will put Fukushima reconstruction work on the back burner, according to the survey.

-Anxieties about radiation in Fukushima
67 percent:Feeling various levels of stress about living in Fukushima Prefecture.
( 75 percent in March 2013 and 80 percent 2012)
-Food safety in Fukushima
8 percent: Refuse to eat food products made in Fukushima Prefecture
38 percent: Reluctant to consume the products from Fukushima.
30 percent: Feel slightly uncomfortable about eating Fukushima Prefecture food
24 percent: Have no problems whatsoever with the products
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THREE YEARS AFTER: Frustration remains high over Fukushima cleanup, but radiation fears easing (Asahi Newspaper)






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