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» 20% of municipalities near nuclear plants approve the restart of reactors

Only 20 percent of 156 municipalities within 30 kilometers of a nuclear power plant would approve the restart of idled reactors if regulators declare them safe, according to the survey by Kyodo News.

Of those 37 governments, 13 said they will unconditionally approve rebooting of reactors that cleared the Nuclear Regulation Authority’s safety review, while 24 said they will do so under some conditions.

Another 66, or about 40 percent, said they cannot make a judgment even if reactors are found by the NRA to satisfy new safety standards introduced after the 2011 Fukushima nuclear crisis.

The results indicate widespread caution about restarting nuclear power plants even as the central government pushes for restarts under the new safety.

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Only 20% of municipalities will OK reactor restarts: poll (Japan Times)






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