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» Japan prioritize nuclear plants’ list for restarting faster

Japan will fast-track the restart of some nuclear reactors,according to Nuclear Regulation Authority (NRA), potentially breaking a logjam that has kept the country without nuclear power since 2011 Fukushima disaster.

Making a priority list for a few nuclear plants will move them forward in an approval process that has become bogged down in laborious safety checks and paperwork..

NRA said it will craft a priority list of plants that meet its earthquake and tsunami criteria as early as next month, selecting a few to expedite from six pressurised water reactors run by Kansai Electric Power Co, Kyushu Electric Power, Hokkaido Electric Power and Shikoku Electric Power.

Regulatory officials will compile reports on a handful of prioritised plants, which will then be handed off for public comment for an additional four weeks. The NRA will also hold townhall meetings in local communities where plants are based to field any scientific and technical questions.


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Japan to fast-track some nuclear restarts; may break logjam (Reuters)

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