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» New basic energy policy will pave the way for the restert of nuclear reactors

The Abe administration’s long-awaited basic energy policy, set to be approved in March, means that Japan will continue to rely on nuclear power to generate electricity in spite of the disaster three years ago.

It will pave the way for the restart of idle nuclear reactors as early as this summer, when electricity demand is at its peak.

The basic energy plan, which will define the country’s mid- and long-term energy policy, will use slightly different wording from the draft plan revealed by the economy ministry last December.

The draft plan said that nuclear power generation is an “important base electricity source that serves as a basis” for society. The revised plan will say that nuclear power generation is an “important base load electricity source.”

The “base” in the draft plan and the “base load” in the revised plan both imply that nuclear power continues to generate a certain amount of electricity irrespective of seasons or hours.

Despite the changes to wording, the intent of the basic energy plan remains the same: to restart the nation’s idle nuclear reactors as soon as possible.

By keeping the wording “nuclear power generation is an important electricity source,” the Abe administration seeks to proceed smoothly with the restarts of idle nuclear reactors.
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