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» Utilities leaned on customer rate hikes to boost financial performances

Power utilities, including TEPCO, leaned on customer rate hikes to boost their financial performances in the first nine months of the business year as idled nuclear plants kept fuel costs high.

TEPCO and the nation’s five other nuclear utilities that raised electricity rates returned to profit or narrowed losses in the nine months that ended Dec. 31. Utilities that didn’t raise rates, including the third-biggest, Chubu Electric Power Co., saw profits drop or remain unchanged.

“The rate increases seem to be providing them with a lot of protection and cover on the revenue line,” said Tom O’Sullivan, founder of Tokyo-based energy consultant Mathyos. “This should fall away absent further rate increases. Obviously the pressure now is on nuclear and restarting the nuclear.”

With the loss of nuclear plants, which produced more than 25 percent of Japan’s electricity before the disaster, the companies have had to rely on oil, coal and gas-fired plants. The cost of importing those fuels has driven the country into a trade deficit for 18 straight months while the current-account shortfall widened to a record in November.

Tepco expects to pay a record ¥2.9 trillion for fuel in the current fiscal year, during which all of its nuclear reactors were offline, up from ¥2.7 trillion a year ago.

Tepco’s operating profit was ¥231.3 billion in the nine months that ended Dec. 31, compared with an operating loss of ¥114.5 billion a year earlier, the nation’s biggest utility said in a statement.

The return to profit was led by increased revenues after the utility, which serves 29 million customers in the Tokyo metropolitan area, raised electricity rates for households by 8.5 percent in September 2012. The increase boosted electricity sales by 9.9 percent to ¥4.3 trillion.

Net income was ¥772.9 billion after a government injection into the utility’s fund for payouts to people and companies affected by the Fukushima disaster.

Tepco’s operating profit target for the year ending in March is ¥134 billion, compared with an operating loss of ¥222 billion the previous year.

Tepco also cut staff and deferred repair work to keep its expenses from ballooning due to the increased fossil fuel purchases from abroad amid a depreciating yen, the utility said. Ordinary expenses rose 1.9 percent to ¥4.67 trillion, compared with a 12.3 percent increase the previous year.

The company won support from the government and its biggest lenders on Jan. 15 for a business recovery plan after the nuclear disaster three years ago almost destroyed the company. The plan hinges on the restart of two reactors as soon as July at the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa plant in Niigata Prefecture, the world’s biggest, in an effort to reduce its dependence on fossil fuels.
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Power companies offsetting reactor closures by hiking electricity rates (Japan Times)

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