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» Gov seeking three nuke waste sites in Miyagi prefecture

The Ministry of the Environment said on Jan. 20 that it wants to designate three municipalities in Miyagi Prefecture as candidate sites for permanently storing so-called “designated waste” including radioactive materials, asking them to accept its plan to conduct geological surveys there with an eye to singling out the most suitable site.

The municipalities selected are Kurihara, Kami and Taiwa. The government wants to bury such waste, produced in Miyagi Prefecture in connection with the outbreak of the Fukushima nuclear crisis. The waste does not include radioactive soil produced in Fukushima Prefecture in the process of decontamination efforts.

It is the first time the government led by the Liberal Democratic Party and New Komeito has shown a list of candidate disposal sites for designated waste. The government plans to eventually select one municipality as the final disposal site.

Kami Mayor Hirobumi Inomata said, “This is the worst location as local residents strongly opposed even a plan to store pasture grass contaminated with low levels of radiation. We can’t cooperate.”The mayors of the other two municipalities also expressed reservations about the plan, saying in part that they had already been receiving a flood of protests against the scheme. But on the morning of Jan. 21, Kurihara Mayor Isamu Sato expressed his intention to accept the government’s plan to conduct a geological survey on condition that the two other municipalities do the same and a resident briefing is held. Miyagi Gov. Murai, meanwhile, expressed his intention to play a mediator role, saying, “Nothing will move forward if we say ‘no’ because of opposition from residents.
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Gov’t seeks to designate Miyagi Pref. municipality as final nuke waste disposal site (Mainichi Newspaper)

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