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» Taxi campany near Monju refuse to prive a car to anti-nuclear polititian

An employee of a taxi company refused to provide a car to anti-nuclear polititian because of his policy.

According to Liberal Democratic Party House of Representatives legislator Masatoshi Akimoto Akimoto, his secretary called the company on Jan. 7 to make a reservation for a taxi which Akimoto wanted to use for his tour of nuclear facilities in the city.

A company official in charge later found through the Internet that Akimoto was in fact insisting on breaking with nuclear power generation. The official then called the lawmaker’s office to say that the company was not in a position to provide taxi services to anti-nuclear people because many people related to the nuclear industry use taxis there. The city of Tsuruga hosts the Monju prototype fast-breeder reactor and the Tsuruga Nuclear Power Plant.

The taxi company apologized to Akimoto although it said its employee had acted on his own judgment. The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism’s Chubu District Transport Bureau in Nagoya confirmed the fact and urged the taxi company to prevent similar misdeeds.


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