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» Takes 6day at longest to evacuate from 30 radius in a nuclear accident

At least 12 hours would be needed for everyone living within a radius of 30 kilometers from nuclear power plants in Japan to evacuate in the event of a nuclear accident, according to a research results by a private group.

In cases where the use of evacuation routes is limited to national highways due to complex disasters such as earthquakes, people within a radius of 30 kilometers from the Tokai No. 2 Power Station in Ibaraki Prefecture would need five days and a half to complete their evacuation. On the other hand, those people living near the Hamaoka Nuclear Power Station in Shizuoka Prefecture would likely need about six days.

The research, conducted by “Kankyo Keizai Kenkyujo” (research institute on environmental economics), is apparently the first analysis covering all of the nuclear power plants in Japan. The research results highlight the fact that it is almost impossible for all of the residents near a nuclear power station to evacuate fast enough to avoid radiation exposure in the event of an accident in which radioactive substances are released into the atmosphere.
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12 hours needed for people within 30-km radius of nuclear plants to evacuate: study (Mainichi Newspaper)

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