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» 20% of adults still avoid buying food from nuclear disaster affected area

About 20 percent of adults avoid buying farm produce grown in places they think are likely to be contaminated with radiation, according to a nationwide survey by the National Institute for Environmental Studies.

“While (produce) is strictly inspected in the shipping and distribution phases, there is much misunderstanding,” said Midori Aoyagi, head of the environmental planning section at the institute in Tsukuba, Ibaraki Prefecture.

Asked if they avoid localities with the likelihood of radioactive contamination when buying farm produce, 20.7 percent said they “always” do so and 15.4 percent said they “often” so do, while those who said they “do not do so at all” came to 34.9 percent.Almost 90 % of the people thinks that radioactive materials will cause some impact to our health.

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20% avoid food from crisis areas (Japan Times)


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