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» Japan will collect all proposals on how to scrap Fukushima Daiichi

Japan will collect proposals from the nuclear experts all over the world and firms on what is the best way to scrap Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, according officials of TEPCO said on Oct 17th.

The International Research Institute for Nuclear Decommissioning  will publicly seek ideas as early as this month, an institute official said.

The institute, formed by nuclear-related firms and government-backed bodies in August to dismantle Fukushima reactors, will screen decommissioning proposals and take the results to the government.

Tepco’s own estimates suggest that the full decommissioning of the site could take up to 40 years and that much of the trickier work is yet to be done — notably the removal of reactor cores that have probably melted beyond recognition.

According to the utility’s own plan, these cores — which are feared to have entered the containment vessels and possibly even eaten through thick concrete — are to be removed around summer 2020.

Although Tepco claims the reactors are now under control, the plant remains in a precarious state and at the mercy of extreme weather or further earthquakes. There is also still no plan for the thousands of tons of water being stored on-site.

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Japan open to all ideas on how Fukushima No. 1 can be scrapped (Japan Times)

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