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» Where to store radioactive waste in Fukushima??

Two years after the nuclear disaster, bags of radioactive waste continue to sit on private land and at temporary storage sites here due to a lack of interim storage facilities that are supposed to store the waste for up to three decades.

The Ministry of the Environment is set to unveil plans for the construction of interim storage facilities as early as this month, but before construction can begin, officials must gain consent not only from local bodies but also from landowners who have evacuated to other areas.

The ministry plans to draw up concrete plans for the interim storage facilities and propose locations to build them as early as this month. It aims to begin construction next fiscal year, and include construction expenses in next fiscal year’s initial budget, which is to be compiled in December. However, before construction can commence, officials will need to overcome the hurdle of obtaining consent from local bodies.
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Uncertainty shrouds storage facilities for radioactive waste in Fukushima(Mainichi Newspaper)

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