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» Will TEPCO accept oversea support?

Since TEPCO admitted on leaking radioactive water to the Pacific Ocean on July 22,international media attention has been becoming very intense.

The latest series of water leakage only demonstrate again that the crisis is too big for either TEPCO or the Japanese government to handle. The help must go beyond pro-nuclear network domestically and internationally.

“Expertise in the areas of hydrology, reactors and civil engineering is needed. But the issue is not whether it’s domestic or international. What is needed is nonvested-interest expertise, not the IAEA, Areva (the French nuclear conglomerate) or (companies like) Bechtel. Contractors should come later after deciding what needs to be done,” said nuclear opponent Aileen Mioko Smith of the Kyoto-based group Green Action.

Japan’s reluctance to engage the international community more broadly on Fukushima is the subject of much conjecture. Numerous critics say it is because Tepco and the pro-nuclear LDP are concerned that admitting the problem will make restarting other reactors more difficult.

And many who oppose the Tokyo Olympic bid charge that nobody in the government or the media wants to draw international attention to Fukushima and risk giving the International Olympic Committee an excuse to reject the Japanese bid.
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