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» Finally the government agency proposed the basic policy of the Victims Protection Act

On Aug 30th, the central government has finalized its basic policy of the Victims Protection Act which was enacted in June 2012 in order to provide support to those affected by the nuclear accident.

Under the basic policy, 33 municipalities in eastern and central Fukushima Prefecture will be designated as eligible for support measures. But some people are questioning why it does not cover individuals outside Fukushima Prefecture.

The law has been passed in June 2012, but the Japanese government did not put together a basic policy that included specific measures to implement the law until now. Even that led to the lawsuit filed in earlier this month by some victims due to the governments’ slow action. (http://fukushimaontheglobe.com/citizens_movement/2730.html)


<Media Report>
Government finally decides on basic policy to help Fukushima victims (Asahi Newspaper)
Gov’t agency proposes limiting nuclear disaster aid to 33 Fukushima municipalities (Mainichi Newspaper)


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