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» 6 more children found with thyroid cancer; those who have been diagnosed as or suspected became 44 since nuclear disaster

In the examination committee of the health care survery for the residents in Fukushima prefecture held on Aug. 20, Fukushima Medical University have announced that six young people who were aged 6-18 years old when the nuclear crisis occured, have been newly diagnosed with thyroid cancer.In addition, 10 children are suspected of having thyroid cancer.

So far the results for 193,000 children of thyroid testing were released.The prefectural government is in the process of conducting thyroid tests on about 360,000 young people who were 18 years old or younger and living in Fukushima Prefecture at the time of the disaster. The number of children who have been diagnosed as or suspected of having thyroid cancer totaled 44, up from 28 as of June.18 of them have been diagnosed with thyroid cancer and 25 are showing symptoms of the disease. The remaining child was suspected of having the cancer but was later diagnosed with a benign tumor.
A Fukushima prefectural government official said, “It is likely (the 44 children) developed tumors or lumps before the nuclear accident.”

However, a lot of residents have expressed strong dissatisfaction with the Fukushima prefectural government over its interpretation of the effects of radiation exposure, the accuracy of its thyroid testing and the way it discloses information.

The prefectural government said it plans to create a panel of specialists who were not involved in the testing to reassess the results of the thyroid checks. The panel will also re-evaluate the treatment provided to those diagnosed with thyroid cancer, as well as the effects of radiation exposure caused by the nuclear accident.
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6 who were minors at time of nuclear disaster newly found to have thyroid cancer (Asahi Newspaper)

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