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» Preparatory stay will be permitted in Tamura city from August

The nuclear disaster site response headquarters announced on July 26 that it will allow stays of at least three months in part of the 20-kilometer no-entry zone around Fukushima No. 1 Nuclear Plant because government decontamination work had finished in June and electricity and gas were ready to be restored.

.The area which will be allowed is Miyakoji district of the city of Tamura and the residents will be able to stay in the zone from August through October, and possibly longer. It is the first case of reopening of the no-go zone for long-term stays.

The stay is designed to allow residents to repair their homes, tend their farmland or otherwise prepare for a return from their places of evacuation.
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Part of no-go zone around Fukushima plant to open to long-term stays (Mainichi Newspaper)

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