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» TEPCO admitted radioactive water leaking into sea

Tokyo Electric Power Co. said on July 22 that Fukushima nuclear plant is likely leaking contaminated water into sea, acknowledging for the first time a problem long suspected by experts.

Nuclear officials and experts have suspected a leak from the Fukushima plant since early in the crisis. Japan’s nuclear watchdog said two weeks ago a leak was highly suspected and ordered TEPCO to examine the problem.

TEPCO had persistently denied contaminated water reached the sea, despite the concerned radiation levels in underground and sea water samples taken at the plant.

TEPCO spokesman, Mr. Ono said plant officials believe a leak is possible because the underground water levels in suspected areas fluctuate in accordance with tide movements and rainfalls.”We are very sorry for causing concerns. We have made efforts not to cause any leak to the outside, but we might have failed to do so,” he said.
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TEPCO: Fukushima nuke plant radioactive water into sea likely (Asahi newspaper)

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