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» 94% of Japanese think Nuclear disaster is still continuing

According to a survey, 94 percent of the respondents think the nuclear accident at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant has not been put under control.

A research team led by Hirotada Hirose, a professor emeritus of Tokyo Woman’s Christian University, sent out questionnaires in March to 1,200 people across the nation ranging in age from 15 to 79.

According to the survey, 94 percent said that they thought the nuclear accident had not been settled because many respondents believe that radioactive substances were still leaking from the stricken plant.

33 percent said disaster information disseminated from the central government, its ministries and agencies was the most untrustworthy. On the other hand, 2 percent chose local governments as the most unreliable source of disaster information.

23 percent said they believe it is only a matter of time before another accident will occur if nuclear plant operators resume operations at now-idle reactors, while 57 percent said they think a similar nuclear disaster will likely happen.

31 percent said nuclear power should be abandoned as soon as possible, whereas 54 percent said Japan should phase out nuclear power over time.


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Survey: Most Japanese think Fukushima nuclear accident not settled (Asahi Newspaper)








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