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» Radiation exposure of 16,000 people miscalculated in Fukushima

Fukushima Prefecture and the National Institute of Radiological Sciences said on June 25th that they wrongly estimated the radiation exposure of 16,118 people which is the 4% of total number of people already calculated in a survey covering the first four months following the March 2011 nuclear disaster at the Fukushima No.1 plant.

Among about 420,000 people whom the authorities have finished compiling data on so far, recalculations show 12,469 received higher doses and 3,649 lower doses than previously estimated.

The margins for revisions range from plus 0.4 millisievert to minus 0.2 millisievert. 12,160 people added 0.1 millisievert to their previous exposure level. As a result of revisions, some were found to be exposed to more than 1 millisievert, which is the annual limit set by the government for ordinary citizens.

This miscalculation was caused by mismatched data used in a computer program. They were detected when researchers updated the system.
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Fukushima survey wrongly estimates radiation exposure of 16,000 people(Mainichi Newspaper)

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