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» The level of tritium rising in the sea at Fukushima No.1

Tokyo Electric Power Co. said June 24th that the level of radioactive tritium has being rising in seawater within the port at Fukushima No.1 plant.

A sample collected June 21st contained around 1,100 becquerels of tritium per liter, the highest level detected in seawater since the nuclear crisis at the plant commenced in March 2011.These days, the amount of tritium was around 100 -200 becquerels.

An official of the Nuclear Regulation Authority said groundwater containing radioactive substances may be seeping into the port from the plant site and there is a need to carefully study.

Fishermans association in Iwaki city which is below Fukshima No.1 plant has plan to restart fising from September 2013. The sudden rising of tritium might cause bad effect to the restart of fishermen’s business.


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Level of radioactive tritium rising in port at Fukushima plant (Kyodo News)

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