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» Cesium found in the ground water from Fukushima No.1

Tokyo Electric Power Co. said on June 3rd that it has detected radioactive cesium in groundwater from Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant.

TEPCO acknowledged that it miscalculated the influence of background radiation when it measured radioactivity levels of the groundwater in storage tanks in mid-April. At that time, the company said contamination of the water was negligible.

However, new measurements found a low level of cesium at 0.61 becquerel per liter, a TEPCO official said.

Although that level is still lower than the utility’s standard for dumping the water into the ocean, fishermen in the area of the plant were very angry about TEPCO’s latest mistake.The central government and TEPCO on May 30 said the groundwater contamination was negligible in a meeting with local fishermen.
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