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» The counter response from Japanese government to UN report

After the release of the report by  UN Special Rapporteur Anand Grover, Japanese government published the counter statement. According to Japanese government, the Special Rapporteur misunderstood many points but the request of changes before the release of the report was not accepted much.

For example, the Special Rapporteur questioned about the  assessment  to the health aspects of radiation exposure. Japanese government, however, says that there is no problem since it  follows the international safety standards of ICRP ( International Commission on Radiological Protection) .  Mr. Takashi Okada, Geneva International Organizations Representative Ambassador expressed his regret at UN Human Right Council,  “even though we have pointed out  the misunderstandings from  scientific and  the legal point of view, but it is not reflected in the report.”

The counter statement by Japanese government 

Japanese Government’s counter presentation at UN Human Right Council

(5.Japan (Concerned Country), Mr. Takashi Okada 0:48:03)


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