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» IAEA supports groundwater pumping plan in Fukushima No.1 plant

Juan Carlos Lentijo, head of a 13-member team of the International Atomic Energy Agency answered interview regarding to pumping groundwater into the sea in Fukushima No.1 plant “It will be very nice if they really get to bypass the main building through these systems — through this direct pumping of the water to the sea or whatever it is. Because it is clean water.”

Tokyo Electric Power Co. has created a system to direct part of the groundwater into the sea before it flows and seeps into the reactor buildings and mixes with highly radioactive water accumulating inside, increasing the amount by 400 tons a day, but has yet to win approval from local fishermen to discharge the water.

He also said decontamination of the accumulated water is a key factor for the future development and stability of the site.He said “maybe they can go to the building and try to see what the problems are and try to repair these problems.”
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IAEA inspector backs pumping Fukushima groundwater into sea (Mainichi Newspaper)

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