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» Amount of leaked water far smaller than estimated

According to new estimates by Tokyo Electric Power Co., it became clear that the amount of leaked radioactive water was far smaller than it was believed. On May 16, TEPCO announced that radioactive water escaped from the No. 2 storage tank was estimated 300 liters, down from the 120,000 liters TEPCO initially estimated on April 6.TEPCO also estimated the combined amount of radioactive water leaks from the No. 1 and No. 3 storage tanks at 90 liters maximum, which is 390 liters total leakage when the three tanks are combined.An estimated maximum of 30 liters escaped into the soil, with the bulk of the radioactive leaks remaining within a three-layered sheet structure of the storage tanks. This big difference caused more doubt to TEPCO among citizens in Fukushima.
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