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Fukushima gov’t approved the delivery of radioactive contaminate soil to interim storage

The Fukushima prefectural government approved on Tuesday the delivery of radioactively contaminated soil and o
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Fukushima gov’t may approve the delivery of radioactive contaminated soil to interim strage

The Fukushima prefectural government may approve next week the delivery of radioactively contaminated soil and
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Environment minister requesting Fukushima authority to check safety of planned interim storage facilities

The environment minister proposed to give Fukushima Prefecture and two prefectural towns the authority to chec
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Permanent nuclear waste storage site is encountering heavy opposition from candidate municipalities

There are significant questions over where radioactive material from the 2011 nuclear accident will be permane
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Gov’t gave up the plan to move radioactive waste from January

The government has given up on an earlier plan, slated to start in January, to transport radioactive soil and
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Gov’t passed a bill to move radioactive waste from Fukushima within 30 years

The Diet passed a bill mandating that radioactive soil and debris from the Fukushima decontamination work be m
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Shioya, Tochigi prefecture, rejected the gov’t plan of building a final disposal facility

The mayor of the Tochigi Prefecture town of Shioya rejected the central government’s plan to build a fin
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Mountains of discarded protection suits piling up at Fukushima No.1

Mountains of discarded suits designed to protect workers from radiation at the Fukushima No. 1 Nuclear Power P
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Property leases for interim radioactive waste storage are set to expire

Property leases for many interim radioactive waste storage facilities in Fukushima Prefecture are set to expir
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Bill defining radioactive waste will be revised

Details of a bill that would define the national government’s role in disposing of radioactive waste fro
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Town in Tochigi approved water protection ordinance to block nuclear waste storage

A town in Tochigi Prefecture has found a novel way to block the construction of a final disposal site for radi
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Fukushima governor set 5 conditions for accepting radioactive debris

The Fukushima governor issued five conditions for accepting radioactive debris at a planned interim storage fa
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Fukushima Gov’t finally accepted radioactive waste storage

The Fukushima governor told two Cabinet ministers he will accept a central government plan to store radioactiv
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Fukushima gov’t is set to allow interim storage facilities for radioactive waste

The Fukushima Prefectural Government is set to allow interim storage facilities for radioactive waste from the
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Gov’t offer 201 billion yen in exchange for storage of contaminated soil

The government offered 301 billion yen in subsidies over the next 30 years to local authorities in Fukushima P
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Miyagi accepted to survey for the construction of a final radioactive waste storage

The Miyagi Prefectural Government is set to allow the national government to conduct a survey on three candida
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Town in Tochigi might become permanently radioactive waste strage

The Ministry of the Environment is preparing to use state-owned land in Shioya town in Tochigi Prefecture to p
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Gov’t gave up plan to purchace all land needed for nuclear waste storage

Cabinet ministers conveyed to Fukushima officials that the government has dropped its plan to purchase all the
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Environment minister apologized for his comments regarding contaminated soil

Japan’s Environment Minister Nobuteru Ishihara on Tuesday apologized for his comments suggesting that mo
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560,000 cubic meters of nuclear waste will be generated by 2027

TEPCO said it will have to substantially expand the radioactive waste storage capacity at Fukushima No.1 plant
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Gov’ agreed to the request of building two nuclear waste site instead of three

The government has agreed to Fukushima prefecture’s request to build intermediate storage facilities for
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[Three years after 3.11]No storage for radioactive waste in Metropolitan area

At the end of 2013, 12 prefectures were storing a total of 140,843 tons of the waste. The basic rule is to hav
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Gov classified sludge as radioactive waster in Kanagawa

  The government has classified 2.9 tons of sludge from Kanagawa Prefecture as radioactive waste derived
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Gov seeking three nuke waste sites in Miyagi prefecture

The Ministry of the Environment said on Jan. 20 that it wants to designate three municipalities in Miyagi Pref
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Government seeks storage for contaminated soil at towns near Fukushima Daiichi

An Environment Ministry panel is saying that it is possible to build interim facilities in three towns, namely
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Government will make list of candidate proposal sites for the nuclear waste

The government plans to abandon its ineffective policy of waiting for municipalities to volunteer to host a fi
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