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IAEA’s final report on Fukushima disaster slams safety myth, downplays thyroid cancer fears

The International Atomic Energy Agency says a primary factor behind the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster was a
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IAEA blames TEPCO’s lack of preparedness in its report on Fukushima

The International Atomic Energy Agency criticized Tokyo Electric Power Co.(TEPCO) and Japanese regulatory auth
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Nuclear power dropped to 32 year-low

The cost of keeping uranium out of the hands of terrorists and safe from natural disasters is sidelining nucle
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Japan’s plutonium stockpile increased by 2.9 tons over one year to 47.1 tons

Japan’s plutonium stockpile increased by 2.9 tons over one year to 47.1 tons at the end of 2013, and the count
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Japan failed to report 640 kg of unused plutonium to IAEA

Japan has failed to include 640 kilograms of unused plutonium in its annual report to the International Atomic
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IAEA proposed TEPCO consider discharging water from Fukushima Daiichi

A team of experts from the International Atomic Energy Agency proposed that TEPCO consider discharging less ha
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IAEA begins reviewing the fuel removal work

IAEA expert team began reviewing fuel removal work that has just started at a spent fuel pool inside the damag
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IAEA mission visit Japan to study about the fuel removal work

According to the government, IAEA experts will visit Japan later in November to study the fuel removal work at
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IAEA experts check contamination in the sea

Two IAEA experts on Nov.7th began to help checking Japan’s marine radiation monitoring activities off th
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Medical treatment in nuclear accident will be improved in Japan

The Nuclear Regulation Authority has decided to reinforce Japan’s medical preparedness against nuclear d
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IAEA: 1 millisievert standard cannot be achieved in a short time

The head of the IAEA team, Juan Carlos Lentijo, director of the IAEA Division of Fuel Cycle and Waste Technolo
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Asia goes for nuclear energy despite Fukushima disaster

Safety concerns in the wake of the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan have done little to stop Asia’s ambitio
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IAEA experts criticize the response of the Japanese government on the radioactive water leakage

The Japanese government on Sept 27th was criticized by some nuclear experts at a briefing held on the sideline
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IAEA visiting Fukushima for inspection of the effect of radiation on wildlife

Fifteen experts from the International Atomic Energy Agency arrived in Fukushima Prefecture on July 22nd to in
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IAEA come to Fukushima for helping decontamination from July

Based on the agreement of joint project issued December 2012, experts from the International Atomic Energy Age
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IAEA supports groundwater pumping plan in Fukushima No.1 plant

Juan Carlos Lentijo, head of a 13-member team of the International Atomic Energy Agency answered interview reg
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The report from IAEA has gap between the feeling of Fukushima residents

An IAEA expert team on 22 April 2013 completed an initial review of Japan’s efforts to plan and implemen
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IAEA starts their activity of reviewing the decomissioning of Fukushima No.1 reactor

A team of nuclear experts formed by the International Atomic Energy Agency on April 15th, 2013 started its act
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Decommissioning of Fukushima nuclear reactors will be an international undertaking

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is planning to propose an international undertaking to decommiss
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