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Fukushima fishermen OK to release decontaminated water into sea

Fishermen’s association in Fukushima prefecture gave approval to Tokyo Electric Power Co. to release rad
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NRA gave ok to dump radioactive water after treatment

The NRA gave the green light to TEPCO’s plan to dump toxic groundwater pumped up at the Fukushima Daiich
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Foreign ministry will help local government to export food suffering from radiation rumors

The Foreign Ministry will help local governments tear down overseas barriers on food imports maintained becaus
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Japan giving pressure to South Korea to remove the import ban on seafood from Eastern Japan

Japan hopes to boost international pressure on South Korea to remove its import ban on seafood produced in eig
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Fishermen crying foul over a plan to discharge processed contaminated water from Fukushima No.1 plant

Local fishermen are crying foul over Tokyo Electric Power Co.’s latest plan to discharge processed contaminate
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TEPCO wants to dump decontaminated water to the ocean

TEPCo wants to dump decontaminated water from the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant into the ocean. Frustrat
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Fish from Iwaki were traded at a fish market in Tokyo for the first time sice the nuclear crisis began

Fishery products from Iwaki, Fukushima Prefecture, were traded at Tokyo’s bustling Tsukiji fish market for the
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Local fishermen finally agreed dump groundwater from Fukushima Daiichi to the Pacific

A local fishermen’s organization on March 25th decided to allow TEPCO to dump groundwater at the Fukushi
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Gov seek approval of fishermen to dump groundwater at Fukushima Daiichi

The government on Feb 3rd sought approval of a nationwide fisheries federation to dump groundwater at the Fuku
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Highly contaminated fish found near Fukushima No.1

  A fish contaminated with extremely high levels of radiation was found in waters near Fukushima No. 1 nu
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Cesium level in Fish dropping; Strontium and other radioactivity unknown

Radioactive cesium levels have steadily declined in fish off Fukushima Prefecture, but samples taken closer to
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NRA launched the investigation of the contamination of the seafloor

Japan’s Nuclear Regulation Authority on Sept 18th started an investigation of the contamination of the s
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Japan seek the possibility of S. Korea lifting ban against Japanese fish

The Japanese Fisheries Agency will send a senior official to South Korea to ask the country to reconsider its
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S.Korea bans fish from northern Japan including Fukushima

South Korea said on Sep 6th it has banned the import of all fisheries products from eight Japanese prefectures
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Fishermen pressure TEPCO to end the radioactive water leakage

A national fishermen’s organization on Aug 29th pressed TEPCO to ensure there will be no further leaks o
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All fisheries suspended in Fukushima due to radioactive water leakage

Due to ongoing radioactive water leakage into the sea, fisheries cooperative in Fukushima gave up trial operat
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Fishermen protest with TEPCO over the leakage of contaminated water into sea

Representatives of Japan’s national fishermen’s federation visited Tokyo Electric Power Co. headqu
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