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» Gov.agency kept secret the contents of meeting on Nuclear Disaster Support Law

According to the investigation by Mainichi newspaper, it was revealed that inter-agency meetings on the extent of government support for victims affected by Fukushima nuclear disaster were never recorded, and their proceedings were kept secret from the public. Mainichi has gained the information through through a freedom of information request.

The Reconstruction Agency held many high-level meetings with other agencies and ministries concerned with the nuclear disaster support law. However, they chose not to release any information about the meetings in order to avoid public misunderstanding or unwarranted speculation, according to an agency official.

The Reconstruction Agency released its basic support plan on Aug. 30. It was originally going to determine eligibility for government support based on a set standard for local radiation. However, it chose to select municipalities eligible for government support without drawing up such a standard. This decision has drawn criticism that the area covered by the plan is “unfairly narrow.”

Mainichi newspaper filed a freedom of information request for the minutes of these meetings in early July,and received response on Sept. 4 with eight pages of documents detailing the times, places and attendees at four meetings in April through June. According to Mainichi newspaper, however, they were told by the officials that minutes of these conferences “do not exist.”

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Gov’t agency kept meetings on nuke disaster support off-record, withheld documents

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