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» Plaintiffs suing over Fukushima nuclear disaster form nationwide network

13 groups of plaintiffs suing over Fukushima nuclear disaster formed a network called “Hidanren” and held a conference to mark its establishment in Nihonmatsu, Fukushima prefecture, on May 24. The network comprises 23,000 people.

Ruiko Muto, who heads a group pursuing criminal responsibility of TEPCO and government officials, expressed frustration over the developments since the nation’s worst nuclear accident unfolded in March 2011 at TEPCO’s Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant and called on the groups to work together to press their demands.

The goals set by the conference include: having authorities and TEPCO offer an apology and full compensation to the victims; restore the victims’ livelihoods and lifestyles; provide medical service coverage; and introduce measures to reduce radiation exposure among residents.

The participants of the conference included a group of plaintiffs from Fukushima Prefecture who fled to Tokyo, Kanagawa, Kyoto and Okayama and other prefectures after the Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami caused the nuclear disaster. They are demanding compensation.


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