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» Shareholders filed a lawsuit for disclosure of testimony by the former plant manager

Shareholders of TEPCO filed a lawsuit Aug. 20 for disclosure of testimony about the 2011 nuclear disaster given by Mr. Yoshida, the former manager of the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant.

The 10 TEPCO shareholders and others are calling on the Cabinet Secretariat to disclose records of the government investigation panel’s interviews with 772 people involved in the nuclear crisis.

As the Cabinet Secretariat refused their request to make public Yoshida’s testimonies, the shareholders filed a suit with the Tokyo District Court, demanding disclosure of the 28-hour-long interviews in Q&A format.

The plaintiffs also plan to file suits for disclosure of other interview records if and when the Cabinet Secretariat refuses to disclose them. The shareholder group has sued the utility’s executives for not taking necessary preventive measures against a severe nuclear accident, as well.

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