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» Gov’t dispute resolution proposed smaller compensasion by ignoring the opinions of victim’s doctors

The government alternative dispute resolution (ADR) center tasked with managing compensation claims against Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) by victims of the Fukushima nuclear disaster has consistently finalized payouts over deaths while in evacuation and lasting injuries without consulting third-party medical experts, it has been learned.

The Nuclear Damage Claim Dispute Resolution Center has stated that it has forgone soliciting medical opinions to speed up the compensation process. There are, however, multiple cases where the center has pushed aside the medical opinions of the victims’ doctors and proposed small compensation amounts.

The ADR center’s internal regulations state that “testimony from experts can be heard” during resolution proceedings, which would include statements by third-party doctors. What was dicovered, however, was that in three cases of death related to the nuclear disaster and two of injuries leading to permanent disabilities, the ADR center did not admit any expert medical testimony.
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Nuke disaster center skipping expert opinion, cutting proposed victim compensation (Mainichi Newspaper)

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