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» Gov’t reiterated the promotion of nuclear policy after the ruling of Oi nuclear power plant


The government reiterated that it will continue to promote the restart of the country’s nuclear power plants, after a court surprisingly ruled against the restart of two reactors in Oi Nuclear power plant.

“The safety of nuclear power plants will be appropriately judged under the new regulatory standards ,” industry minister Toshimitsu Motegi said, while noting that the state is not in a position to comment on the ruling as the case was filed against the plant operator.

The economy, trade and industry minister also told reporters that the government will stick to its energy policy decided in April, which pledged to push for the resumption of reactors that have cleared what the government calls the “world’s toughest regulatory standards.”

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Gov’t reaffirms pro-nuclear policy after court rules against restart (Mainichi Newspaper)

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