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» 13 municipalities submit criticism to Reconstruction Agency for “Act on the Protection and Support for the Children and other Victims”

At least 13 municipalities in Chiba, Ibaraki and Tochigi prefectures have sent critical comments to the Reconstruction Agency for its basic policy. It limits the scope of assistance to only areas in Fukushima Prefecture affected currently.

The 13 municipalities, which are not covered by the draft basic implementation policy of the Fukushima nuclear disaster, submitted critical “public comments” on the disaster aid program to the Reconstruction Agency. It is rare for municipal governments to submit such critical public comments to government authorities. Such action is largely based on a sense of injustice over the policy of limiting the scope of aid only to those people in Fukushima Prefecture.

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Municipalities criticize gov’t agency for limiting Fukushima disaster aid (Mainichi Newspaper)

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