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» Fukushima survivors showed anger and disappointment about no prosecution to officials

On Sep 9th, victims of Fukushima nuclear accident expressed disappointment and anger at the announcement that Tokyo District Public Prosecutors will not seek to indict any high-ranking government or Tokyo Electric Power Co. officials connected with the meltdown.

Mr. Hiroyuki Kawai, the lead lawyer for a group of about 15,000 victims and others who submitted criminal complaints against officials in the government and TEPCO criticized the decision. He said, “How can they say they conducted a thorough investigation when they did not carry out any raids on relevant offices? From the very beginning, it was not an investigation seeking indictments, but rather, one conducted so no indictments would be handed down.” The group was seeking professional negligence resulting in death and injury and other charges against 42 officials.
Journalist Soichiro Tawara also questioned the decision by prosecutors not to carry out raids on TEPCO offices to dig up evidence. He said, “As long as there is the possibility that new evidence could emerge, such raids should have been carried out and a decision should only have been made after all the evidence was examined. It cannot be claimed a thorough investigation was conducted.”

Japanese prosecutors on Sep 9th decided not to indict former Prime Minister Naoto Kan and executives of Tokyo Electric Power Co. over the nuclear disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi power plant, citing a lack of criminal responsibility because of the difficulty of forseeing the scale of the earthquake and tsunami.”

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