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» Support ACT was secretly put off til after the election

The fact that the Reconstruction Agency secretly agreed with other government agencies to put pff assistance to nuclear disaster victims until after the July 21 House of Councillors election have revealed.

According to the sources to close to the government, the Reconstruction Agency and other relevant ministries and agencies agreed in March 2013 to put off the implementation of Nuclear Disaster Victims Support Act until after the upper house election. One of the sensitive matter on the implementation was how to set radiation dose standards, which is a crucial step for formulating concrete support measures for nuclear disaster victims under the Act on the Protection and Support for the Children and other Victims of TEPCO Disaster. By drawing the line between those who can be supported and thos who can not, big controversy might be affected by the result of the election.

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Gov’t agencies secretly agreed to put off nuke disaster victim relief until after election

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Support ACT was secretly put off til after the election



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