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» Japanese NGOs welcome UN report by S.R. Anand Grover

Many Japanese NGOs working for nuclear issue support the report of Special Rapporteur Anand Grover.

On May 28th, Japanese NGOs, Human Rights Now’s Secretary General Ms.Kazuko Ito and the representative of Peace Boat, Ms.Meredith Joyce spoke at UN Human Rights Council to support the report of Special Rapporteur Anand Grover’s report regarding on-going issue of nuclear disaster.

Report by Japanese NGOs at UN Human Rights Council (Video)
Human Rights Now Secretary General Kazuko Ito’s report: chapter 55 (at 02:58:49)
Peace Boat’s Meredith Joyce: chapter 57 (at 03:04:05)
Special Rapporteur Grover: chapter 59 (at 03:07:57).


HRN held a side event at the UNHRC titled “In Order to Protect the Right to Health of Citizens after Nuclear Disasters” on May 28th at 4 p.m.in Geneva and the ex-mayor of Futaba, Mr. Idogawa Katsutaka, Morinaga Atsuko, who evacuated Fukishima Prefecture to Nagano Prefecture, and Iwata Wataru, founder of Citizens’ Radiation Measurement Stations (CRMS),spoke about what is really happening in Fukushima which are not shared internationally by medias.

Side event in Geneva (Video)

On May 29th in Japan,  an urgent meeting titled “The human rights’ situation after the nuclear accident” was called at the building of the House of Representative to response S.R. Anand Grover’s report. Joint appeal was adopted at the meeting with the approval of participants. Japanese NGOs are hoping to utilize this opportunity to show the citizen’s support toward the report by Special Rapporteur and  push Japanese government to implement the recommendation made by S.R. reports.


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Human Rights Now (HRN)

HRN presents at UNHRC requesting gov’t to follow SR Grover’s recommendations

HRN companion statement to Special Rapporteur Grover’s report

Peace Boat
May 26, 2013 – Peace Boat participates in the UN Human Rights Council discussions on the Right to Health in relation to Fukushima

Peace Boat Oral Statement on the Human Rights Situation in Fukushima at the UN Human Rights Council






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