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» Peace Boat Onboard Conference for a Nuclear Power Free World

The Peace Boat Onboard Conference for a Nuclear Power Free World has begun on May 12th
onboard Peace Boat’s 79th Global Voyage for Peace. More than a dozen experts and activists from
Japan, including two from Fukushima, and from Europe – Germany, France, Russia, Sweden and
Finland – gathered in Le Havre, France for an exchange with local groups working against the
Penly Nuclear Power Plant and expansion of renewable energies in France. The group will take
part in three days of meetings as the ship sails at sea, then disembark in Stockholm, Sweden for a
programme with local energy experts and parliamentarians.

Also participating in this conference is Idogawa Katsutaka, former Mayor of Futaba Town –
location of the Fukushima Daiinichi Nuclear Power Plant, whose citizens have all been evacuated
since the March 2011 disaster. Onboard Peace Boat between France (May 12) and Denmark (May
26), he will travel to 8 countries in Europe to appeal about the ongoing situation in Fukushima.
Events will be organised in Le Havre, Stockholm, Helsinki, Tallinn, Riga and Copenhagen – details
to be announced on this page soon. Following his travel onboard Peace Boat Mayor Idogawa will
travel to Geneva to speak at a side event at the United Nations Human Rights Council, where the
Special Rapporteur on the Right to Health’s report on Fukushima will be announced.

(For more detailed information, go to Peace Boat Site )


Itinerary of Mr. Idogawa’, former Mayor of Futaba town

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