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Fukushima Organic Agriculture Network (FOAN) was established in January 2009 (registered

as NPO on March 8th 2012) as a network to aim further development of organic farming
in Fukushima Prefecture through the collaboration among the farmers, consumers,
researchers and engineers, and agricultural organizations. Until before the nuclear disaster,
it has been engaged in activities such as exchange of an organic farming technique,
interaction with producers and consumers, and advocacy of organic agriculture.

After the nuclear disaster, the farmers did not know how much farm land and agricultural
products are contaminated and the members of the network could not decide whether they
could continue the farming or not. Therefore, they have purchased the becquerel monitor
by the support from Japan Lutheran Church and Sinnyoen in the summer of 2011. Without
waiting for the support of the government, the farmers started the activities to measure
radioactivity in food and air. Based on the result of the research, they have conducted
research on the agricultural method which can stop the transition of radiation to crops in
the collaboration with universities by utilizing members’ farm land. While continuing to
organize the study sessions on radiation and the measurement activities, they disseminate
information on the status of organic farmers in Fukushima Prefecture to the world and is
exploring the possibility of organic farming in Fukushima in the future.

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